5/13/21 The trip continues north to South Dakota

I have never ridden my bike in South Dakota and since we are so close I wanted to take this opportunity to make the ride.   One of my overall goals is to ride my bicycle in all 50 states so this was a must.

We left Craig and his family around 7:30 a.m. since we could drive to Winner SD and then ride by bike to Platte SD.

We stopped at the State Crossing sign to make it official.

When we were driving through the construction on the main highway through Winner, Kye spotted a dinner sign so that solved our lunch place.  A number of the customers were interested in what we were doing and wished us well.

The ride had a number of hills to climb but nothing terribly hard until we got close to Lake Francis Case on the Missouri river.  Those climbs got my attention and required some rest. 

At the lake there was a sign that explained what going on and we stopped for a picture of the bridge.

Once I got past the lake climbs the road leveled out but there was a little head wind just to get my attention.  When we got to our hotel in Platte there was a welcoming committee of sorts.  They were fishermen and they weren’t there to welcome us but rather to fish for Walleye.  They started biting three days earlier so all the fishermen in the area were there to get their fill.  That explained all the boats on the lake as well as on the road.

This completes my bicycle riding for this trip.  Now is it is just driving to Kansas City to meet some friends from when we lived in the KC area and are now our financial advisers that make these trips possible.

I can’t wait to the next journey no matter where it takes us.  Thanks for following our latest adventure. 

5/10/21 The trip continues but not all of it on the bike

Today is Monday and we are headed to Nebraska to visit my family around the Kennesaw NE area.

I did ride from Minden NE to the farm of my cousin Craig Nienhueser which is just east of Kennesaw.  The  weather was cold but the wind was not strong.  I rode on a back highway to Holsten.  There I looked for Kye but with no luck.  I saw and gentleman from Holsten and asked where the Methodist church was since that is where I was to meet up with Kye.    

He gave me direction and asked if I was looking to a lady that was waving a flag. I  I said I was and that lady was my wife. 

After a short rest I took off straight north on a paved country road to Highway 6.  Then going east on Highway 6 for one mile I turned left on a gravel road.  My first gravel road ride but it was only for 1 ½ mile to my cousins farm house.  The gravel was a challenge but I was happy to get to ride on it.

The visit was very nice since I have a lot of relation in the area so we visited a number of cemeteries to pay our respects to my family.

There are also a lot of historical markers in this area since both the Oregon trail and the Pony Express crossed my cousin’s land in a number of places. 

There are a lot of stories of pioneers trials and tribulations.  This shows the tough bread of people and crossed the area and also settled the plains.

It was great catching up with my relatives since it may be last time I get to see them.

5/07/21 Hays to Logan 70 miles LAST DAY

Someone was looking after us on our last day.  The wind was to our back at 15 to 18 MPH.  What a blessing.  We just flew the first 55 miles to the big town of Glade, Kansas.  I did take the opportunity to stop in Stockton to go walk on their football filed.  It brought back great high school memories because it was the last football game I ever played.  We won the game in the last seconds which complete our undefeated season.

We stopped in Glade for lunch. This café is one of the only few businesses in the town of 30 people.  I would say over 2/3rds of the population was in that café.

After lunch I headed west on Kansas Highway 9. This made the wind come as a cross wind.  My progress was slowed but I enjoyed this 15 mile ride because the first time I rode my bike on this road I was 15 years old.

Just before reach Logan I passed a former high school classmate’s old house and I found him working in his garden.  We had a short conversation before finishing the trip at the front of Logan’s high school.

We then stopped at an old neighbor’s house for a planning session then off to the hotel for some rest.

This completes the major part of this journey.  I will make future post as I make some more short rides.

5/06/21 Kinsley to Hays Ks. 69 miles

I started the day by taking the joint highways 56 and 183 toward the north east for 8 miles.  It was a cold morning with the wind out of the Northeast. 

At the 8 mile mark we turned north taking highway 183.  There was little if any shoulder all the way to Rush Center where we stopped for lunch.  The café was cold so I asked for hot water to warm up.

After lunch the road shoulder got wider and we had to dodge a crop duster that flew across highway 183 numerous times in front of us.

Once in Hays we headed to a childhood friend of mine from the 60’s.  Her and her husband treated us like real people and not bicycle riders.  It was great catching up on the last 40 years.

5/05/21 Greensburg Ks to Kinsley KS 30 miles

I opted out of riding on highway 183 to Kinsley for back country paved roads.    I had to go east on highway 400 to go north on the county roads.  They were fairly smooth with little to no traffic.  

I hit highway 50 at Lewis turn left headed to Kinsley when the rain started to fall.  At first it was heavy  but soon became a drizzle which continued until I reached Kinsley and the first café for lunch.

After lunch we went to the local RV park which is also the local laundry mat.  We took the opportunity to go to the historical museum which also had a sod house inside it.

Kinsley is also half way between  New York City and San Francisco Ca.

We then checked into a small privately own cottage for the night.

5/04/21 Woodward Ok to Greensburg KS 57 miles

Only 57 miles. Right.

Last night I tried to get to sleep early but who was kidding whom?  The wind was blowing so hard it drowned out everything else including the train from last night that sounded like it was coming right into our tent.

The weather station told me the wind was blowing at 24 MPH but it sounded like a jet was flying over.   The strange part was we were camped in a valley and our tent walls were barely moving.  We survived the night.

Here is Kye breaking camp.

Even though today was only 57 miles there was still the wind to contend with.

Once we made it Greensburg KS we had to go exploring.  This town was completely wiped out back in 2007 by a Tornado.  Just about the only thing that survived was the 109 foot deep hand dug water well for the 1800s.  The building over the well was gone but the town has rebuilt without carbon emissions.

Great success story.

5/03/21 Woodward OK Rest Day. Kind of.

I started getting a little concerned about tomorrow’s 87 mile.  Yesterday I thought I might need to break that ride up and when we got up this morning after a wet rainy night and a strong wind out of the north my worst fears were confirmed.

I decided the first leg of the 87 which continued on highway 34 for 30 miles would be a good distance for today’s run.  So off we went straight into a 20 mph head wind.  Of course Kye was on her regular schedule of 10 mile stops.  Once I made the first 10 miles I was hurting.  Not only was the wind hard there were some hills to handle also.

One nice thing about having your own personal sage wagon is you don’t have to keep riding into the wind, you can just load up and go to the end of your 30 miles and ride with the wind.  Cheating?  Go tell someone else.

Along the 20 mile ride with the wind I came upon a picture opportunity which shows that past as well present advancements.

We made it back to camp in time to still get in a nice afternoon nap. So we’ll be ready for the other 57 miles tomorrow.

5/02/21 Elk City to Woodward OK 77 miles

Got a good start out of Elk City on highway 34 but I need to add to our story of Elk City after I wrote last night’s post.

First Old Historic Highway 66 and Elk City has a very large museum pertaining to Highway 66.  We didn’t get to go through any of them but we did get to walk around the area.  You can’t miss that the museum is there because of the big Route US 66 sign.

We always like to eat at local family owned restaurants which we did in Elk City.  It was DD’s Mediterranean restaurant that had only been open for a couple of weeks.  The maître d asked us questions about our bike ride since I had on my Bike the US for MS shirt.  It turned out she had two close friends that have MS and she wouldn’t let us pay for our dinner.  I will be making another donation to MS in the name of the restaurant

Now on to Woodward OK.  This was a straight shot on Highway 34.  Nothing magical as far as the road goes.  No way to get lost since it was just one highway.  I didn’t even find anything I found worth stopping to take a picture.  It did seem like this rode was designed by a bike rider since the towns were spaced out well for rest stops.

The magic of the day happened in camp.  We are staying in Boiling Springs State Park just outside of Woodward.  Here we met some of the nicest people.  They asked about the bike ride and even invited us to dinner.  They had a nice RV so we couldn’t refuse.

They asked a lot of questions about this ride and some of my previous rides.  They were a true blessing and the food was great also.

They were a nice couple from Sapulpa OK by the name of Mike and Lorrie David.  Mike’s parents were also camping with them.  The Lord blesses us in many ways.

5/01/21 Altus to Elk City OK 57 miles

We had a easy exit from Altus since our hotel was on the north side of town.  We didn’t get in any hurry to leave since the temperature was in the upper 40s and foggy when we first woke up.

The ride was an easy 57 miles since it was a short ride and the wind was at our back.  I’ll take this kind of ride anytime.

Elk City is a nice historic town that runs along the historic Route 66 from east to west as well  as the Great Western Cattle Trail from Texas to Dodge City Kansas.

We also took the opportunity to remove all the Texas dirt that had built up on our car.

No the bike didn’t get any tender loving care.

4/30/21 Seymour TX to Altus OK 79 Miles

We stopped for breakfast at the same road side café that we ate at last night, the Rock Inn Café.  The breakfast is just what was needed for today’s ride.

Kye and I had driven this route 2 years earlier so we knew somewhat what we would see but we were going from north to south and in a car.  We forgot there wasn’t anything between Seymour and Vernon Tx.  

Once we made it to Vernon we found the same good restaurant we stopped at 2 years earlier.  Of course we were tired so we took our time with lunch.  We ate so slow that we were on the verge of being asked to leave so they could close at 1:00 p.m. not really just kidding.

After leaving Vernon we had only one goal in mind, reach the Red River and finally get out of Texas.  It took us 10 days to accomplish this task.

Goodbye Texas even though the pictures say “Welcome to Texas”

Goodbye Red River.

Then we finally reached Oklahoma.

At the start of Highway 283 there wasn’t any shoulder and I was a little concerned but after about 2 miles Oklahoma got with the act and added the same wide shoulder Texas had.

We got to Altus and found they were having an antique car show around down town so the traffic was very heavy.  To avoid being ran over I put my bike to the car to the last 3 miles.  The only real reason for this is so I could get a better look at all the old cars.