Day 16 Kinsley to Hays KS 69 miles

We start out of Kinsley on US 56 and 183 for 8 miles then US 183 splits from 56.  We will take US 183 the rest of the way to Hays.   We come to a small town of Rush Center where it intersects with Kansas Highway 96.  We will continue on for another 4 miles where we will reach La Crosse.  Here we will take our one and only rest stop of the day.

There is another small town, Liebenthal, but it doesn’t have any services either.

About 5 miles south of Hays we will crest a hill and it is all downhill the rest of the way to Hays.

Why is this of note?  The last time I rode a bike on this road I hit just over 100 mph with the aid of 20 mph tail wind.  No it wasn’t on a bicycle.  I was on my Honda 350 motorcycle and the year 1973.   This was the first time I ever hit 100 mph on 2 wheels and the motorcycle was so light it felt like I was floating.

If I was actually riding the hill today I would have had another 20 mph tail wind and I would have enjoyed the ride just the same.

If I had actually ridden into Hays today we would headed to Precision Valley Golf and Bike shop.  I know what a mixture.  I have met the people here and they told me I would need to call a couple of days ahead to time so they could make sure the bike mechanic would be available.

One more day to go.

Day 15 Greensburg to Kinsley KS 30 Miles

Today is shortest riding day of the trip.  I did this on purpose.  First I was very concerned about yesterday’s ride.  Second I didn’t want to have a 90 miles day today.

I also knew I would be tired once I got in yesterday and I wanted to have enough time to check out Greensburg’s claim to fame which is the “Big Well Museum and Visitor Information Center.  How else can you explain at town of 777 people having two hotels?

This well was hand dug in 1888 and is 109 deep and 32 feet in diameter.  Now that is a hole in the ground.

Today’s ride would have been nice in that the temperature in the afternoon was in the 60 and had a slight 5 mph NE wind.  What a great ride.  We would have been able to leave after lunch and still get to Kinsley in time to check out the center of New York City and San Francisco Ca. sign which indicates it is 1561 Miles to each town.

I have ridden to San Francisco CA before when I  made my first ride across the US on the Traans AM route with Bike the US for MS in 2017.  We didn’t go through Kinsley at that time.

Today’s ride was nice with a temperature of 85 Degree and an unheard to Humidity level of 26%.  I really thought I was in Kansas.

Day 14 Woodward OK to Greensburg KS 87 Miles

This will be a trying day.  The first town we come to is Coldwater Kansas which is 62 miles from Woodward.  Kye will have to find places to make rest stops.   One of these stops will be close to the Kansas State Line.  After Coldwater we will ride 25 miles to Greensburg Kansas.

Today’s training was over common routes.  The weather was warm with a slight breeze out of the south.  Unlike the ride we would have had if we could have road the actual route, the temperature started out in the low 60 and the high was in the mid-70s with 10 mph wind out of the northwest.  This would have been a rough day.

Day 12 Elk City to Woodward OK 77 Miles

Day 12 Elk City to Woodward OK 77 miles

We take Oklahoma Highway 34 north out of Elk City where we will ride for miles in a very large oil field until a little north of Leedey.  We will stop in Leedey for a rest stop which 34 miles into today’s ride.

We will continue north into Vici OK where we may take a rest stop before making our last 21 mile pull on Highway 34 all the way into Woodward.

Today’s training ride took us south into Angleton TX.  I had never ridden to Angleton before but the ride back home was fairly nice when riding north since we had a fairly strong South wind.  77 miles did give me a good workout.

Day 11 Altus to Elk City OK 57 Miles

We will be on one highway all day today and It Oklahoma 6.  Most of the road is a 4 lane divided highway.  We will have one stop at Granite OK at the 34 mile point.  Today’s ride would have been straight north all day.

Then back on highway 6 to Elk City OK.  When we get in Elk City we will ride on the Historical US Route 66 for a few miles.  I hope we have some time to explore this area.

Today’s training ride was nothing out of the ordinary.  It was fairly warm  and a mild wind out of the south.

Our heat didn’t come the 100 degree + temperature that Oklahoma had and their wind was out of the south at about 9 MPH.  I wished we had been there.

Day 10 Seymour TX to Altus OK 84 Miles

We will start our ride out of Seymour on US 82, US 277, US 283 and US 183.  I guess this is a melting point for US highways.  We will stay on the mess for about 20 miles until be come to a flashing light and where US 183 and US 283 separates and goes north to Vernon TX.  and onto Altus OK

Today’s training ride route was the mainly the same as the one I rode on Day 6.  An interesting thing about today was when Kye and I had our lunch I saw that a good bit of it would be going to the north with a 9 mile an hour tail wind.  I loved it.  Then I looked at the weather station for Altus OK and they also had wind blowing out of the south but it was blowing at 19 mph.  The interesting thing about that was at the 20 mile mark the road was all north and south all the way to Altus.  What a great 64 mile ride that would have been.

Day 9 Breckenridge to Seymour TX 68 Miles

We will start from Breckenridge by continuing north on US 183 for 21 miles to Woodson.  If there isn’t anything available for a rest stop we will continue on US183 until we intersect with US283 and go into Throckmorton since the total distance ridden would be 37 miles.     There are definitely a number of places there to stop.  We could get out our plane (yea right) and fly there since Throckmorton has a airport.

We will leave on US 183 toward Seymour for 31 miles.  This is a short day and we may get there early.  We will be staying at the HH Creek Inn which as the Chuck Wagon Café attached to the same building.  The Inn have only 10 to 12 rooms.

This is our last night in Texas so staying at a historical type of Inn is going to be nice.

The training ride was different.  I started out with a 21 miles ride in our subdivision before lunch and then out on the road for the last 47 miles.  Most of these miles were on new roads which added to the enjoyment.

Day 8 Lake Brownwood to BreckenridgeTX 77 miles

Day 8 Lake Brownwood to Breckenridge TX 77 Miles

The rest day was great but I still have a few sore spots.  Some areas we will not mention.

We will start north out of Lake Brownwood on highway 279.  This looks like a small county highway with very little traffic.  We will ride to the town of Cross Plains which will be a good distance for our first rest stop.  Another good reason is that Cross Plains is the first town on this route and it is 32 miles from Lake Brownwood.

We will take highway 206 northeast out of Cross Plains to Cisco which is 23 miles further.  I know we will be able to get refreshments here since highway 206 intersects with Interstate Highway 20.

When we leave Cisco we will take US highway 183 for 28 miles where will arrive in Breckenridge.  It is really nice how Texas spaced the town out just right for a great bike ride.  I will need to send the governor a thankyou card.

Today’s training ride started late since I actually put in a little work time for the company I used to work for.  That was interesting change of events.   I didn’t get on the road until after lunch.  It turns out I didn’t eat enough at lunch even though Kye tried to get me to eat more.  I somethings I can be a little stubborn.  I know you can’t believe that.  Not only did I eat a light lunch I rode 68 miles before stopping to eat again a that was back at my house.  Kye had a snack ready for me so I could recuperate.  Then I finished the rest of the ride.