2019 Northern Tier MS ride

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I have made the decision to make my third cross country ride for MS in 2019.  This time I will be riding from Bar Harbor Maine to Seattle Washington which is the Northern Tier and is 4,295 miles.

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43 Days to go

43 Days to go!  The bike has been to the bike mechanic and now has a New Bike Crankset, New Cassette and cables, New Chain, New new brake cables.  Only thing I will change are the tires and tubes, which will be done one week before the trip.

Houston Urban Bicycle Gallery has put it back in tip top condition for another trip across the US of MS.

I take off on September 5, on Amtrak from Houston TX  headed for San Diego, CA    My train connects up with another one, in San Antonio, Tx, that will be carrying my friend from St. Louis, Ed Carl. He rode the Trans Am ride with me last year. From there we continue on to Los Angles, CA  Then we change trains to finish up in San Diego, CA at about 10:30 A.M on September 7.

Once we get off the train, we will only be 4 miles from our start point hotel.  We will catch a bus at the train terminal and take it to within 1/2 mile of our hotel.

At 2:00 P.M. we will attend our orientation meeting.  Once complete, we will rest for the start of our trip on September 8.

Getting excited!


Silver Lake CA to Folsom CA. 85 miles.  Mainly downhill but hot!

Today’s ride had a reroute that added 6 to 8 miles to the ride.  The reroute took us through many vineyards and wineries.  It was beautiful so we received an extra bonus due to the reroute.  This was a relatively easy ride but adding in the heat we still suffered.  By the time I got in, as an early rider, it was already 100 degrees.  For the late riders they were riding in 103 to 104 temperatures.

Carson City NV to Silver Lake CA.  58 miles.  Our final state crossing… California

Today we had our final state crossing.  The ride to the state line was easy and for the most part downhill.  Our actual route did not have a state line sign so we went on to a highway to find an actual sign.  It was somewhat disappointing.  The sign was one of the smallest we found.  This one shows Kye and I.  Without Kye none of this would have been possible

2017-7-30 Middlegate to Fallan KYE 008

And another with Brandon.

2017-7-30 Middlegate to Fallan KYE 006.JPG

After the state crossing we started our last major climb.   We knew it was going to be a hard one but not this difficult.  It was steep and long.  This may not have been the hardest but it definitely ranked in the top 5 climbs.  I stopped a number of times to rest my legs, drink water and eat crackers.  The other issue was I thought the summit was 2 miles farther than it actually was.  Kye and Brandon were waiting for me at basically the top and they had a hard time convincing me I had made it.

Then the downhill was rough due to a lot of construction.  I rode my breaks a lot just so I could see and avoid holes and groves.  I finally made it down to Silver Lake camp site and not a moment too soon.

The camp did not have any showers.  Not even the garden hose model.  The night was cool, almost cold.

Fallon NV to Carson City NV 62 Miles Brandon joins us today.

Today I rode by myself all day.   I am excited because Brandon, my youngest son, will be joining us for the remaining days of the ride.  He will be helping Kye and doing all the driving.  It will be a big relief for Kye and I am glad he will be able to experience the ride first hand.  He is the master mind behind this blog so he knows firsthand what we have been doing, but there is nothing like seeing it firsthand.

I took off at 6:45 to get a jump on the day.  We had a steady increase in elevation all day but all toll we only climbed a 1000 feet.  I was ahead of the rest stop vans at the second stop but Kye handled everything. We are getting back into civilization since each rest stop was at a convenience store.  Little things still make us happy.

I got in Carson City a little after noon so I had time to get cleaned up before Brandon arrived.  We camped at Camp ‘N Town KOA site.  It was a nice facilities that even had laundry facilities.  It rained twice during the night but in the morning you couldn’t tell it by looking at the ground.  The rain was soaked up like a sponge.

Middlegate NV to Fallon NV 48 miles.  Easy short day

Nothing very exciting in today’s ride except there wasn’t anywhere to buy breakfast so Kye stepped up and fixed some for me and others.    The ride was more of the same as the last few days.  I saw my first windmill since leaving Kansas.

Middlegate to Fallon DTH 72717 016

I don’t know how they water their stock here in the desert without windmills.  As we approached Fallon our progress slowed because our attention was occupied by watching jet fighters flying in formation, landing and taking off.  That is because this is the home of the “Top Gun” training school.

Everyone spent the night in a hotel room.  It was a nice break after the dirt in Middlegate.

Orientation and meeting the team members

Today Kye and I made it to Yorktown.  Once we got checked into the Hotel it was time to go to Orientation where we met the rest of the team.  Everyone is very  nice and focused on two goals.  Make it to the end and support the Multiple  Sclerosis Society.

We received our maps and went over how to read them. We were told how stow our gear in the trailer and what to support to expect.  Then they got us setup on Twitter so now I am really ready to receive the important communications quickly.

Then the biggest challenge of the day.  Take off the back tire and pull the tube out to show we knew how in case of a flat.  That was a very important lesson since I have been out with some people that didn’t know how to do that.

I am very impressed on how they focused on safety.  They require everyone to wear a rear view mirror on our helmets. I always wore one anyway but they  shared cases when the mirror probably saved an accident or even a life.  BiketheUSforMS is very proud of their safety record and they intend to keep it up.

Tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. we put our back tires in the Atlantic ocean and then head West.  The first day is 60 miles.