August 26 Rest day

Today started with an UBER ride to the Lighthouse restaurant for a large breakfast. Then off to do laundry. The most challenging thing was the mile to the laundry mat. Of course the hardest part was getting the directions. I’m a hick kid from Kansas where everything is square but here nothing is straight not to mention the elevation changes.

I was lucky to met up with some other riders and catch a rider in their Uber back to the church.
Even from the church we could see the Bay and Alcatraz.

When we arrived at the Church we were welcomed by some of our teammates that rode the Mid-Continent and Northern Tier with us, Jesse and Jimmy.  They came to share cookies and treats as well as stories. A number of this year’s ride also rode with them on one or both trips. It is always great to reminiscence with alumni and have some laughs as we relive memories.

August 24 40 miles

The mileage as changed the last couple of days because our finishing days had to be changed for various reason but ultimately the mileage works out the same.

The most exciting part of this day happened during the night at camp. This was the night of the raccoon invasion. A number of riders had their bike bags open and food was taken.

One of our team member had a raccoon stick his arm inside his tent while he was in it. And another claimed to be attacked in his hammock.

Fun on the roads.

August 22 Fort Brag 35 miles

Today was a true climbing day.  Our total elevation climbs came in at 5,500 feet in 35 miles.

At our first rest stop we spotted some otters swimming just below us as we ate breakfast.

I have to be honest I had to walk for these climbs but I did it as little as I could.

We spent the night camping at Ocean Cove.

August 21 31 miles to Redway

Ed and I got an early start to get to a small town for coffee and breakfast. The coffee shop had 2 rolls and coffee.  Ed settled for just one cup because the owner was not very welcoming. There was a small store next door where I was able to get a ham egg and biscuit sandwich which was the only one they had.

Then we hit the road for a 27 mile ride to Redway. Most of the ride was on backroads with an occasional ride on the 101. We are staying in a camp 2 miles short of Redway. Once we got our camp set up we road the final 2 miles uphill in search of lunch.  We found a great diner.

August 19 rest day

Rest days are usually laundry day but we got a jump on it and did all last night. So we got to sleep in then tour the big city of Arcata.

Of course we hit up the bike shop and big breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We used Uber and taxi cabs to get around. The bikes got a rest day also and some well needed tending to.