Darrington to Snohomish 55 miles


Started the day at the same restaurant we had dinner last night.  It opened at 7:00 a.m. and we were there waiting on it to open.  Over half of the riders stopped there which again indicated it was time to open also because they had a fair number of local people there at the same time.

Good food, good conversation and back on the road.

It is a short day and our second to last day so most people were taking it easy today.  The view leaving Darrington was magnificent.  The locals get to see this beautiful mountain every day. I bet they barely notice it.

We skirted this mountain most of the day.  Our road had rolling hills and for the most part good roads.  We didn’t rush because we knew we would be camping at a soccer field with no real amenities.

When we got to close to Snohomish we hit a bike trail and followed it most of the way to the soccer field, which was nice.

Once at the fields we setup our tents, showered and went to downtown to look for lunch.  We had many choices which was nice.  We knew dinner was being provided by another alumni.  This just goes to show that this is becomes a family and many help other riders in any way they can.

We also took the opportunity for group pictures.


Now to the finish line.

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