Aug 13 Lincoln City to Florence

The church that was our hosts last night, The Seventh Day Adventist, prepared breakfast for us. This is so helpful so we can can get down the road easier.

The morning was cool and we continue down Highway 101.  We made numerous stops to take in the Pacific a ocean views. 

Today is what I called my circle stop and climb day. I use the Gear Monkey Bike Repair close to my home in Pearland, Tx. They were also nice enough to allow me to wear their bicycle racing jersey. No one can mistake me as a racer but I felt honored.

That is the Pacific Ocean in the background.

Strangest things happened on a ride. Today in Waldorf we were looking for a place to eat and a complete stranger from a gas station across the street yelled out “Hilltop” and pointed up the road.  We took it as a lead that at the top of the hill was Hilltop cafe-Bistro. After a great lunch we continued our ride along the ocean.

After a great lunch we continued our ride along the Pacific.

One thought on “Aug 13 Lincoln City to Florence

  1. Maxine Wray August 15, 2022 / 1:09 pm

    Enjoying your ride and the descriptions! You give credit when someone does something note worthy, like the bike shop and the stranger with ‘top of the hill’. Like it, stay well!


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