Lockport to Buffalo thru Niagara Falls 55 miles


We started out with a great breakfast provided by the ladies of the First English Lutheran Church.  The breakfast included scrabble eggs, yogurt, cold cereal, fruit and coffee, and fruit drinks.  It was just what we needed.

We weaved thru the city of Lockport before hitting the open roads.  The county roads had little elevation changes.  We started out together but it wasn’t long before we were stretched out.

We had our one and only rest stop at a place called Military Road.  After a short stop we headed to the Canadian border.  We went thru customs easily but then missed our corner which added about 2 extra miles to our day.  Once back on coarse we headed to the Niagara Falls.  We made a short stop to check out the American Falls before heading for lunch.  Most went to the Hard Rock Café.


After lunch Ed and I went to check the Horse Shoe falls which were much more exciting than the American Falls.


We then caught up with the rest of the team and we decided to head back to Buffalo.  Three other team members chose to go with us.  The remainder stayed back to take a boat up to the horse shoe falls.

In Buffalo we are spending the night at the Buffalo Tours hostel.  This is the first time I have ever stayed in a hostel.  They had bunk beds for all our team.  The restrooms had 2 showers in both the men and women restrooms and they had a storage room for all our bikes.  Very convenient.

Most of us went out for dinner even though it was raining , but is was a lot worse when we walked back to the Hostel after dinner.  It was like a rough winter night in Houston.

All in a days work.

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