4/25/21 Johnson City to Llano 80

The day started off with a stop at the Hometown Donut Shop in Johnson City. Since it is Sunday we were glad to find anything open.  

Yesterday’s route review paid big dividends.  Kye knew every corner and had rest stops ready when I got there.  It was a beautiful ride in the back country Farm to Market and Ranch Roads.  This section was 37 miles and we completed it before lunch.  We grabbed a quick lunch at HEB because all the cafes along main street and immediate side streets had long waiting lines.

Then the ride along highway 16 began. There wasn’t much any shoulder and in most places there wasn’t any.  There were some climbs but the wind out of the south helped out a lot since this route was mainly north.

The total ride was 80 miles.

We got checked into the camp grounds around 4:00 p.m. It is a nice campground but a good bit is under renovation. One happy finding is the showers that were supposed to be cold turned out to be lukewarm.  The lake is also being upgraded and will be real nice once all the work is completed.

We called it a night about 8:30.  We beat the ducks and geese to bed.

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