Kerrville to Johnson City 70 miles

Back on schedule, McDonalds for breakfast. Kerrville is the first town in a number of days big enough to have one.

My bike computer’s battery died so I didn’t have any idea for the last two days how far we had ridden or how fast (or slow) we were riding. It is amazing how much I depend on this information.

Although this was what I classify a longer day, it wasn’t as difficult as many others. The weather and wind were mild and the scenery was nice. We stopped in the lovely city of Fredericksburg, where we had our first meal at Subway. This is noteworthy because last year we had many lunch meals at Subway. The reason we stopped here is so Ed could get his glasses adjusted at the adjacent optical shop.

We then visited the local bike shop ( we have not missed many of the local bike shops) where I bought and new pair of bike gloves and some bike socks to go along with my Texas Bike Jersey.

The ride today was fairly easy, which made us happy since it was another longer day. Tonight we spent the night at the Methodist Church. They had a great shower. I haven’t mentioned showers lately but when we run across a nice one in a church, it is worth noting.

We also ventured down town, 3 blocks away, for a dinner of Chicken Fried Steak.

You might remember, this is the home town of a former President.

One thing of note. For the last 4 days I have not had an air mattress. My developed a leak so I have been sleeping on the floor or ground. One thing about sleeping inside, as we were in the church, the floors are very hard. I can’t wait to get to Austin so I can buy a replacement pad. I know, I am just soft.

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