Charlottesville to Vesuvius 63 miles

Today was a challenging day. We hit the hill climbs. There was 6300 plus feet of climbing. The climbs definitely lived up to their billing. They weren’t extremely long climbs but they were very steep. There were a number of times I wished I had a few more gears. The “Old Timers” split us today so we could all climb at our own pace. After all was said and done I was pretty happy with my climbing.

Tonight we are staying at the Vesuvius Baptist Church. There wasn’t any shower facilities so it was back to the garden hose.

The church feed us both dinner and breakfast. They were great people. They also provided us entertainment in the evening. One of the church members brought his guitar and sang to us for over an hour. He also got us involved.

After his performance we found a piano and found we some people with real talent. Then the Church had a bonfire campfire for us with S’mores and stories of the history of the area.


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