Marathon to Sanderson 54 Miles

This had to be one of the easiest days of riding we have had so far. There was very little wind and it was mainly downhill.

We got into Sanderson by early afternoon. We were staying at the First Baptist Church of Sanderson. The pastor made arrangements for us to shower in the high school locker rooms. The church is also providing us dinner this evening.

Before all this, we went to the only restaurant in Sanderson. I had a large hamburger and side salad which were very good. We had the opportunity to talk to some on the locals about our next day’s ride and what was available in Sanderson. They told us the only place open for breakfast would be the Strike gas station and convenience store. We knew from the sign in the restaurant that they would not be open, because their sign said something along the line of “We open around 10:30 or 11:00 or whenever we get around to it.”

We went to Strike before returning to the church to pick up some needed supplies and checkout the breakfast possibilities.

After dinner the pastor and his wife announced they would also solve our breakfast problem by providing breakfast also. What a nice couple.

Then the pastor showed us some of his art work which is glass etchings. He made two with Bike the US for MS designs, which he put up for auction. The bidding was hot and heavy but I was lucky enough to be able to be the top bidder on one. The proceeds from the auction will go to the Bike the US for MS fund raiser.

The pastor then put on an unannounced concert for those that didn’t go to bed earlier in the evening and as you probably expected I was one that retired early. I understand that he was very entertaining.


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