Service Project Day


We went out for breakfast before going out to do the service project.  We took Uber to get there so this was a training session for me.  Tim gave me a demo, of which I tried to follow.  After breakfast, it was my turn to use Uber on my phone.  Tim watch my every move so it was successful.

There were two separate projects and the one that we were assigned to was for a Lady that has MS.  We met her, her husband and her son for some breakfast snacks before starting our project which we painting the exterior of their house.  Our team of 10 along with her husband and son jumped into the project.


We had a lot of tools at our disposal, rollers, rollers with extensions, foam brushes, and a paint brush extension.  The main part of the house was painted beige and the trim a kind of red.  We all worked hard and together we completed everything except the back yard.


After we finished and returned to the dorm we thought we would do our laundry only to find all the machines were taken by other younger people that were in the dorm.

Around 3:30 I made my solo Uber trip to meet a former high school class mate and her husband that lived in the area.  I made it to the restaurant early because I didn’t know how long it would take via Uber.  We had a great time catching up and they were very interested in what I was doing.

I got back to the dorm in time to go to the grocery store to pick up some much needed supplies.

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