Fergus Falls to Fargo 60 miles


Today we had breakfast about half a mile from the church at the Viking Café.  It had to be one of our earliest ones of the trip.  We were in the café before 7:00 a.m.  We got our earliest start of the trip also.

The rest stop van barely got to the location before we did.  We picked up a few things at the truck stop next to the rest stop location.  I didn’t have much food left in my cubby but I have never gone hungry.

As we were getting ready to leave the rest stop we received a text from one of our riders that was ahead of us.  He told about a Eagle’s nest 10 miles from the rest stop.  As we approached the 10 mile mark we spotted the nest about ½ mile ahead.


When we got close to the nest we could see there was an eagle in the tree next to the  nest.  The eagle kept close watch of us as we took the pictures.


At Barnesville we stopped at the local library to us the restroom.  The Librarian asked Ed about our trip and he told her about the trip and how it supported MS.  She then explained her friend was also a Librarian, has MS and that she had lost her eye site.  She then proceeded to give Ed a donation.  It was meant for us to stop at this library.


It started to rain just before we arrived at Fargo.  We were now in North Dakota but there wasn’t a sign to tell us that so we settled for a picture of the Fargo Water Tower.


At 2:00 p.m. the local TV news crew came and interviewed some of the riders then 8 of riders and I rode around the block as the news team filmed us.  It is supposed to air tonight but we may not be able to access a TV to see it.

Once settled in we went to the local bike shop.  I needed a copy of things.  The shop is in an abandoned train depot.

Then back to the church to wait for dinner which is being made by members of the church.

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